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1. chinaXiv:201801.00594 [pdf]

Investigation of Non-Axisymmetric Endwall Contouring in a Compressor Cascade

LIU Xiwu1, JIN Donghai1,2*, GUI Xingmin1,2
Subjects: Dynamic and Electric Engineering >> Engineering Thermophysics

The current paper presents experimental and computational results to assess the effectiveness of non-axisymmetric endwall contouring in a compressor linear cascade. The endwall was designed by an endwall design optimization platform at 0 degrees incidence (design condition). The optimization method is based on a genetic algorithm. The design objective was to minimize the total pressure losses. The experiments were carried out in a compressor cascade at a low-speed test facility with a Mach number of 0.15. Four nominal inlet flow angles were chosen to test the performance of non-axisymmetric Contoured Endwall (CEW). A five-hole pressure probe with a head diameter of 2 mm was used to traverse the downstream flow fields of the flat-endwall (FEW) and CEW cascades. Both the measured and predicted results indicated that the implementation of CEW results in smaller corner stall, and reduction of total pressure losses. The CEW gets 15.6% total pressure loss coefficient reduction at design condition, and 22.6% at off-design condition (+7 degrees incidence). And the mechanism of the improvement of CEW based on both measured and calculated results is that the adverse pressure gradient (APG) has been reduced through the groove configuration near the leading edge (LE) of the suction surface (SS).

submitted time 2018-01-24 From cooperative journals:《暖科学学报》 Hits14037, Downloads286, Comment 0

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